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Luxury good economics?For a luxury good. When price changes does quantity demanded change by proportionally more? Thanks.

Posted by help
adminCeteris paribus, yes. Luxury goods have Elasticity greater than 1, so a change in price of 1%, it will change quantity demanded more than 1%.

Some luxury products have been claimed to be examples of Veblen goods, with a positive price elasticity of demand: for example, making a perfume more expensive can increase its perceived value as a luxury good to such an extent that sales can go up, rather than down.

The main factor for the luxury good’s elasticity is the elasticity of income. Luxury good is a good for which demand increases more than proportionally as income rises, contrast to a “necessity good” for which demand increases less than proportionally as income rises. Luxury goods are said to have high income elasticity of demand: as people become more wealthy, they will buy more and more of the luxury good. This also means, however, that should there be a decline in income its demand will drop.

I hope this helps.

Used luxury suv around $10k?What is my best bet? I would prefer a third row seat, but it’s not absolutely necessary. 4wd is a must. If possible, I would like something still under warranty.
Is it true that american vehicles are cheaper for replacement parts than japanese cars
(i.e. Toyota)

Posted by Nick
adminA luxury used for that price and such is kinda hard,an SUV fitting those is a Ford Expedition,but its not luxury.They have those new Suzuki Grand Viataras which are brand new and are about $10.1K (with no speacial features).But if you want a used luxury SUV,your best shot is to get rid of luxury…

I need help describing luxury cars…?I need to describe a luxury car but i just cant really think of much.. Please help with some detailed descriptions
thanks alot!!!

Posted by .:.:AODO4EVER2014:.:.
adminLuxury cars are usually very expensive automobiles. They come with all the latest bells and whistles.. They can be sport cars or larger family cars. Imported autos, or American made. These luxury autos are made for speed if a sport car, and comfort if a large car. People have different tastes and some prefer to have one of each if they can afford it.. Most people looking for a luxury car, look for appearance, design, easy handling, easy access in and out of the car, and comfortable seats. Some will want a vehicle that will accomodate several people comfortably and one that will be smooth riding on long trips. Gas millage isn’t usally the best on a luxury car, so this is a minus. But with all the other pluses, most people interested, will overlook that.

NEW!!! 2014 Xhibitionist ultra luxury yacht

Beautiful, Cute, Dress, Eyes, Face - Free image - 15767

Get rid of the cellulite in you financial life and go luxury.

NEW!!! 2014 Xhibitionist ultra luxury yacht

The Xhibitionist is a 75-meter superyacht with unmissable automotive cues, and it is said to be the inspiration for the Xhibit-G supercar.

The Xhibitionist is a multi-purpose watercraft whose inner spaces can be rearranged into a car showroom, a partitioned retail space or a luxury lounge for guests. The 'hood' at the bow opens up to release an array of solar panels that are sturdy enough to act as a platform for entertaining or as a helipad. Beneath that is a viewing deck, while out back, guests can enjoy the hot tub on the fly deck.

Motivation for the Xhibitionist comes from hybrid engines in the "powerplant gallery," but the carbon-fiber-bodied Xhibit-G supercar with its aluminum chassis gets more traditional gumption from a 630-horsepower V12. Oddly for a supercar, though, the car is limited to a top speed of 155 mph. Inside is white leather set off by black carbon fiber and chrome. The supercar is said to be for Zeus Twelve, a supercar brand working with Mansory and Lotus.

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