New Concepts And Luxury Cars At The 2012 Geneva Motor Show: A Brief Guide

August 11, 2014 in Luxury Cars by admin

Luxury Cars

No list of favourite luxury cars would be complete without at least mentioning the Lincoln Town Car. Starting at US$46,700, the modern Lincoln Town Car is indeed a throwback to a slightly earlier time, despite Lincoln’s best efforts to keep the car modern. This means that the modern Lincoln might not handle the slalom as quickly as a 7 series but there are precious few vehicles on the road that have a ride that is equally as supple and detached from road conditions as the Lincoln Town Car.

BMW has a lengthy history of building some of the best, full-sized luxury cars on the market, and the company focuses heavily on cars that are driver-friendly. This means great performance, agility and road handling traits in everything from the lowliest 1 series on up to the immense 7 series sedans. Starting with the 714i at US$70,150, the current BMW 7 series offers a grand total of 10 sub-models. The top of the line is the 500 horsepower Alpina B7 which will set buyers back $122,000, but the vehicle truly is in a class of its own. A worthy entry in the top five favourite luxury cars list.

To begin my list of favourite luxury cars is the Escalade. Starting its life as a humble re-badge of the Tahoe/Yukon, the Cadillac Escalade has become so much more than just another luxury sports utility vehicle. The newest Escalades are amazingly comfortable, spacious, and even come with hybrid drive trains that make the most iconic bling vehicle in the world somewhat green.

Luxury Cars

It is interesting to note that modifiable was the only form of personal cars until 1910, when Cadillac introduced a very first closed car. Nonetheless, the convertible never lost its invocationl and attractiveness. Development in design and technology, to make it comfortable, secure and elegant, gradually evolved modern luxury convertible cars. These are designed to a very high degree of distinction with comfort, speed and beauty in mind. It looks as great on the inside as on the outside. Luxury cars are naturally two-door convertibles. They are distinguished on the performance end from GT and sports cars by their greater importance on comfort and usefulness over road on the luxury end, by consultation and style over performance.

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The good thing about luxury cars is that many, if not all of them, have designs and stylings that are classic and timeless. As such, people who are not critical about being at the spearhead of the latest in high-end cars may be able to purchase an older and used luxury car at a much lower price and still be satisfied with owning their dream luxury car.

There are, however, people who acquire
cars, not just because they function well, but because they look
good, are from a prestigious brand, and have luxuries that few of the
average cars have. People who are wealthy, affluent, and powerful,
turn to luxury cars as a means to ride in luxury, while showing the
world their social, financial, and personal status.

And pre-owned luxury cars can still prove to be good investments, because many of the luxury car manufacturers have pre-owned programs that grant owners of used luxury cars certain services and privileges that are reserved for their customers. This comes in the form of service and technical support, warranties on certain parts and components, and many more, depending on the auto manufacturer.

A good example is to take a look at one of the most recognized luxury cars in automotive history, the Jaguar E-Type. At the time of its manufacturing, between 1961 and 1974, it had been recognized as one of the most good looking, high performance, and competitively priced cars for the luxury car market. Its perfect combination of luxury elements have made it very successful, selling over 70,000 units during its run.

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